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  1. Dead City - The named 4F affair (4 February 2006) is one of the worst police corruption cases and judicial set-up ever seen in Spain, where there is not lack of corruption. Four men and a woman were randomly arrested and accused of the attack to a police officer. There were tortures, police reports that disappear and are … Continue reading Dead City
  2. Freedom of Expression? - Year 2014 has ended a few days ago, and now it’s usual to remind events or images of the past year. This is an image that was widely disseminated in social networks here, not so much in conventional media where censorship works very well. A woman is arrested by a group of cops. She is … Continue reading Freedom of Expression?
  3. American Torture - The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s report was known some days ago, showing that U.S.A. used torture systematically since 2001 to 2009. Is that a surprise? That U.S. use torture is a well-known fact, between 2001 and 2009, before 2001 and after 2009. Perhaps it is ignored in U.S. and I’m sure that American media … Continue reading American Torture
  4. Ebola is here and someone is happy - Eric Rodger Pianka, “The Lizard Man”, biologist, advocated the elimination of 90% of human population by Ebola virus, in a speech at a meeting of Texas Academy of Science, March 2006. It provoked some controversy in that year at USA, but the fact wasn’t very known outside. However, now that our government imported the Ebola … Continue reading Ebola is here and someone is happy
  5. The God who saves white American people and let die black African people - Three weeks ago, ebola survivor Kent Brantly released a statement thanking God for sparing his life. Until that day, God had let die 1.427 people for the same illness (today, more than 1.900). I wonder why He decided to save this one and let die the others: because of the race? -black instead of white-, … Continue reading The God who saves white American people and let die black African people
  6. About Palestine and the meaning of Terrorism - The matter can be set out with a question: what is terrorism? Yes, it seems a silly question, everyone knows the meaning of terrorism, don’t we? However, there are some odd difficulties to define certain actions as terrorism or not. In this post, “8 questions about the ‘oops’ justification”, the author argue against the common … Continue reading About Palestine and the meaning of Terrorism
  7. “I picture a dead Arab, and that makes me happy” - A shocking video is these days in social networks. A Israeli military camp is visited by a group of children, who are shown the tanks and weapons. I don’t know when was made the video, but no matter if it’s one week or one year old, it’s equally revolting. An Israeli journalist interviews the children, … Continue reading “I picture a dead Arab, and that makes me happy”
  8. Déjà vu in Palestine - On these days it’s mandatory to write about the last massacre at Palestine. In the moment I write this, Israel bombs have killed 80 people; surely when you read it, they will be many more. This is a déjà vu, we have seen this a lot of times. It’s the usual routine, and all those … Continue reading Déjà vu in Palestine
  9. Better than you since 1776 - That is what Barack Obama and some people (not many, I hope) in United States of America have decided to believe and claim continuously, since the 1830s. They name it as American Exceptionalism (when they say American, they mean U.S.A. citizens, excluding citizens of the other American countries). Others name it as Arrogance. Barack told … Continue reading Better than you since 1776
  10. In the name of Patricia - I guess everyone has seen the film “In the name of the father”, about the Guilford Four. We have our own case, the so named 4F affair, obviously much less famous. Spanish media always have silenced this affair. On this day three years ago, 26 April 2011, Patricia Heras, condemned to three years of prison … Continue reading In the name of Patricia
  11. Erotic Photo Show II - Two days later, I’m starting to think that the world didn’t end on Friday, as the Viking prophecy said. It’s disappointing to check how these prophecies fail again and again. Where are that great prophets of the ancient times? They went away and never will return. Anyway, I’ll look for the good side of things: … Continue reading Erotic Photo Show II
  12. Erotic Photo Show I - It has been a little surprise for me that one of the most visited posts in the last months has been this one: First Annual Erotic Art Show. That festival in a virtual world, InWorldz, was closed time ago, but the post continues receiving visits. Then I thought that there aren’t erotic posts in this … Continue reading Erotic Photo Show I
  13. Why our rulers love disasters – The Shock Doctrine - I mentioned it in a post, time ago, and again in my last post about Mandela, but now I want to do a post introducing the excellent book of Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. It was published in 2007, right before the economic “crisis” that was going to begin a … Continue reading Why our rulers love disasters – The Shock Doctrine
  14. First Annual Erotic Art Show - I wrote about this event at InWorldz some weeks ago (Erotic Art Show at InWorldz) , when I heard the news, and so I had to visit it, of course. The Show has started, since August 2, and it will be running until August 30. Organised by Nickola Martynov & quadrapop Tree in association with Dreamz&Visionz … Continue reading First Annual Erotic Art Show
  15. Anonymous, the great unknown - Anonymous has been working approximately during the last five years. However, many people don’t know what it is, probably because media have shown a great skill to present it in a totally wrong way. More amazing is that authorities, even police, show a huge ignorance (willingly or not) about the matter.   First, what isn’t … Continue reading Anonymous, the great unknown
  16. May a Chinese girl win a medal? - Ye Shiwen, 16 years old, Chinese swimmer, won a Gold medal in 400 meters individual medley with a world record, and immediately some people have questioned her, hinting she took drugs. Would they say the same if she were from US, or British, or German? picture by Sum_of_Marc John Leonard, the executive director of the … Continue reading May a Chinese girl win a medal?
  17. King Juan Carlos I, elephant and women hunter - As a relatively newcomer in InWorldz, I started to read some IW users blogs in the last weeks. Some days ago I found this post in Soror Nishi’s blog. Also other matters, she talks about Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias, better known as Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain, … Continue reading King Juan Carlos I, elephant and women hunter
  18. Loukanikos - I couldn’t help dedicate a post to Loukanikos, the Greek Riot Dog. I love dogs, especially if they fight against repressive forces. Loukanikos, named Louk as well, is fighting in Athens since 2008.