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SamuelSamuel Guevara is a fictional character, and was born in the virtual world InWorldz on December 5, 2011.

There is a real person behind this character though, and all what you’ll see in this blog is real, my real thoughts, interests, concerns and ravings. By chance I was born almost in the same data, some decades before though. Sagittarius in Western astrology, TigerYang Water– in Chinese one, for those who like to believe in that stuff. I don’t.


What is this about?

I’ve been always interested in politics, although not taking part directly. And I live in a country where politics, political corruption, and economic crisis are very serious problems. In fact, this country is today on the edge of an economic and social abyss, or really rolling down already. So, politics is an important part in this blog, and never from a neutral point of view.

Another matter that can be found here often is religion, since I passed my childhood in a catholic school and left it being an atheist. I tend to make fun of religion, indeed, and I know that can offend some people, but at least I don’t go to church to provoke the priest as Clint Eastwood liked doing in Million dollar baby. I hope any God will bear in mind that when my appointed time comes. Also I must say that to make fun of catholic religion is currently prosecuted in the country where I live; so the motivation to do it has been increased (the Streisand effect).

Marxist and atheist, priests in that catholic school didn’t a good job with me. Anyway, I like to write each time something call my attention, and so the matters can be very varied, as you can check looking at some posts: Top Posts.

About the style, I must say English isn’t my language, as perhaps you’ve noticed already reading this page (I’m Hispanic, although not a rapist nor drug dealer). My stay in virtual worlds, as I mentioned at the beginning of this page, got to improve my English, that was much more precarious before. Anyway, I’m sure there are mistakes in my posts. I apologise, and just hope that these mistakes don’t make too difficult the reading or change the meaning that I wanted to transmit. Thanks for your understanding, and feel free to slap me upside my head when you find some error.


Still alive (April 2017)

As you can see, the last post was written time ago. I explain the reasons in that post, Break, and the circumstances have not changed by the moment. It’s a pity, because I haven’t written about that sociopath with an orange skunk on his head. Perhaps some day, if he doesn’t destroy the world.



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