Switching site

My last post here, until this one, was published on May 1 2015. Three and a half years. It’s quite clear that this blog has been abandoned: lack of time and also lack of motivation later; when one lose the habit doing something, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take it again. During this three and half years I’ve been waiting, from time to time pondering if it would be viable to restart it. But it isn’t.

Indeed I’ve decided not pick up this blog again. But I’ve done another one, a new blog, and the matter is photography. It’s a radical change, yes.


Definitely it doesn’t matter that I’ve changed my ideology or lost interest in politics. Not at all. But currently I can’t hold the dedication and work that was needed when I published here, and hope that a blog about photos will be easier to manage.

So there we go. Here is the link:   Photear


The girl with the dragon tattoo


Ducks landing on water

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