I’m doing a break (perhaps a goodbye) in this blog. Unfortunately, recent changes in my life that include a forced move to another city (due work reasons) have limited my internet to weekends, when I’m in my home; no connection during the rest of the week. During a time I tried to continue anyway, but now I must assume that hold this blog in these conditions is too much: not enough time to read or write as a blog requires.

This was my second blog. Years ago, when one needed to know HTML code to do a web page, I learned it and built my first web page. And it ended because of the same, a move where I had not internet. It’s sad to see that now history is repeating itself.

It has been two years here in, and I was happy in this community, having found a lot of other bloggers to visit and enjoy. Some bizarre events as well, as a guy naming me “parasite” because I am against the murder of migrants. But certainly the positive win out over the negative.

I’ll hold the blog by the moment, not writing new posts but keeping it alive. At least during next months, until I decide to renew it or to close it. And I’ll continue relatively active as reader, so still wandering around.

Thanks to everyone who visited this site, readers and commenters. Hasta luego.

10 thoughts on “Break

  1. Samuel Guevara,
    Good wishes to you from Michigan in the USA. Hoping that words once said by Native American medicine man Rolling Thunder (1916-1997) will help you in some way:

    “The most basic principle of all is that of not harming others, and that means all people, all life and all things. It means not controlling or manipulating others, not trying to manage their affairs. It means not going off to some other land and killing people over there – not for religion or politics or milirary exercises or any other excuse. No being has the right to harm or control another being. No individual or government has the right to force others to join or participate in any group or system or to force others to go to school, to church or to war. Every being has the right to live his own life in his own way.”

    “Every being has an identity and a purpose – to live up to his purpose, every being has the power of self-control, and that’s where spiritual power begins. When some of these fundamental things are learned, the time will be right for more to be revealed and spiritual power will come again to this land.”

    Wishing you much success, many friends with which to share laughter and good talks, love, happiness and a good life. Although in this place one discovers truth which can cause sadness, it is beneficial to remember that most people are good in their hearts. We all liivng on this Earth have the opportunity to increase love, peace and joy, both for others and ourselves when we add to others’ happiness, in the various ways and situations.

    Thank you for your good efforts here and in the future to make life better for all people you meet and befriend, even those you may never meet in this lifetime.


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    1. Thank you very much, Jerry. These are nice words, from Rolling Thunder and yours as well. It’s good to remind them, mainly when it seems we aren’t able to follow them (by rage, anger).

      Your blog is one of those I’ll continue visiting, always ineresting and inspiring. See you there.


    1. Not a new work really, only new place to live from Monday to Friday, instead of traveling every day. Now, with no time connected to internet, I’ll have more time to try my unfinished project of becoming a decent photographer.


      1. Ah yes, of course, this is the continuing difficulty of being only able to check in at weekends. It took my father many years to establish internet access ‘el campo’. I like your new goal!!! Still working on that one too 🙂 I’m finding it easier to upload pics onto wordpress than onto flickr when the internet is slow – just that the space is more limited on wordpress.

        The UK election is a little more interesting than usual. Been wondering how successful the electorate will be in keeping out the right-wing racists from positions of power. Not proud to be British at the moment, not that I ever was.

        I got my politics students who are voting for the first time to complete the political compass questionnaire: They compared it to how they were positioned when they started the politics course two years ago. About 80% of the students had shifted to left-libertarian. No influence due to their teachers of course!!

        Can’t wait to go off-grid.


    2. Oh – my favourite quote of the week:
      “I don’t think I’m still supposed to be living in Britain. This country feels like a hospice for a dying state of mind.”


      1. I’ve visited the political compass questionnaire: my red spot landed right on Kropotkin’s beard, in the left-libertarian quadrant; not a surprise.

        “Still working on that one too?” Nobody who have seen your photos would say that, Saf, you are much more than a decent photographer 🙂 About Flickr, I stopped using it, I use a VPN and it’s irritating that each time I tried to login in my account, it rejected me saying that my IP location had changed and then asked my phone number. As I never gave it, couldn’t login.

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  2. Yup, I’ve experienced issues logging into flickr from anything but regular comp and IP address. Thanks re the encouragement regarding photographs. Do love it, so hopefully one day will produce the photos I’d like to.
    Kropotkin doesn’t surprise me either! I sat on top of Ghandi when I did it (blushes).

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