PolyluxMarx. Understanding Marxism (IV)

Fourth post of PolyluxMarx, the collection of presentations for Power Point made by a team of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. Here are the previous posts:

PolyluxMarx I: first chapter of ‘Capital’, about The Commodity.

PolyluxMarx II: second chapter of ‘Capital’, The Process of Exchange and third chapter, Money, or the Circulation of Commodities.

PolyluxMarx III: fourth chapter of ‘Capital’, The Transformation of Money into Capital; fifth chapter, The Labour Process and the Valorization Process; sixth, Constant Capital and Variable Capital; and seventh, The Rate of Surplus-Value.

As I said, these previous chapters are the most important part, and should be read before to continue.

PolyluxMarx presentation

Today, we continue with the last chapter (8) of the part III in volume I of ‘Capital’: The Working Day. A short presentation, only three slides:

12_Der arbeitstag

Next is a presentation explaining the part IV of the volume I, The Production of Relative Surplus-Value, and part V, The Production of Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value. The presentation is much shorter than Marx’s book in these parts because it skips some chapters on machinery, legislation, etc, that were linked to Marx historical context.

13_Production of absolute and relative surplus

And part VI of the volume I, Wages.


Next day, the fifth and last post of PolyluxMarx presentations.


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