How I became a terrorist

The government of the country where I live, making the most of last terrorist attacks, have approved a new law “to fight against jihadism”, they say. And this law, together with their Gag Law, has turned most of Spanish people in outlaw and terrorist.

This is happening, more or less, in every country at Western world, I know. But the prime minister of this country isn’t very intelligent (“my smart phone is smarter than my prime minister” is a common joke here), and he and his gang have approved a law that exceeds any reasonable limit.

Dog: "I'm already a terrorist. And you, not a terrorist yet?"

Yes, puppy, I am. And likely you, reader, are as well. Continue reading to know why.

The new law is fruit of a pact of the right-wing party PP (in the government) with the “socialist” PSOE (notice the quotations marks). Both form the so named PPSOE, the two-party system in Spain that is fighting against the new political party Podemos (the Spanish Syriza, by their similar proposals anti-austerity). They don’t like that name, PPSOE, but it’s commonly used by those who are out of the two-party system, and it’s not prohibited yet, so I’ll continue using it: PPSOE.

Well, this “anti-jihadist” law has changed the meaning of the word ‘terrorism’, expanding the concept in an odd way, to say the least. Let’s see some consequences of this PPSOE pact (“Pacto antiterrorista”: por la pendiente deslizante hasta el fondo del barranco):

  • Participating in a demonstration “occupying a public place” (i.e. a street) is terrorism, according to the new law, “if the protest is done trying to force public authorities to do something or refrain doing something”. Therefore, demonstrations of support for government will be allowed.
  • Hacking of an official webpage, as a webpage of a Ministry, is terrorism.
  • Visiting “webpages related with terrorist organizations” (and they decide which is a terrorist organization and which webpages are related with them), is terrorism.
  • If someone commits a terrorist attack (for example, being in a demonstration against the government) and he/she could have been helped or incited by information in a blog (for example, reading this post), the author of the post and owners of the blog are guilty of terrorism as well.
  • Disobeying police, doing passive resistance against police orders, for example a sit-in, is terrorism. Also, these passive protesters often commit serious attacks, like hitting with their ribs or head on the boots of cops.
  • Preventing police to evict a family from their home to give it to a bank. Currently an average of 180 evictions are done daily in Spain, police evict families who can’t pay the mortgage. There is an anti-eviction movement, PAH, that tries to prevent the evictions meeting a group of people at the street in front of the threatened home. According to the new law, this is terrorism: the PAH activists impede the public authorities to kick out the families and also disobey the cops.
  • An activist for animal rights freeing chicken from a farm or a bull before to be tortured to death in a bullfight, is commiting a terrorist attack.

The reader who doesn’t know this country and the PPSOE will wonder what has this to do with jihadism. Obviously, nothing. Simply, the PPSOE is making laws to repress any form of dissent, and it’s better to name it as terrorism instead of political dissent. Now any political dissident can be charged as “terrorist”. Not all us will be arrested, because there aren’t enough prisons, but they can arrest anyone they wish when they wish.

I'm a terrorist. Aren't you?


My jihadist attacks

  • I took part in demonstrations, occupying public places (streets) and trying to force public authorities to do something (changing laws). Even once I was in a protest that hadn’t been authorized (13 March 2004).
  • I’ve visited Anonymous blogs and did read posts. Anonymous is a terrorist group, according to Spanish police: Anonymous is a group as dangerous as Al Qaida, Taliban or North Korea”, a cop said in a hilarious press conference once of the many times that cops claimed Anonymous in Spain had been dismantled. Also I wrote some post about Anonymous, and shared some videos on Anonymous operations. I shared a video entitled “How to join Anonymous. A beginner’s guide”, a clear incitement to terrorism.
  • I’ve written posts about Palestine and didn’t condemn Hamas. I stand with Palestine and support BDS movement, and have shown it in a few posts. So, I can be charged if someone read my blog and commits a terrorist attack, for example protesting to require a change in Spanish policy on Palestine.
  • I published posts against police brutality. Cops in Spain use to beat and sometimes kill people with total impunity, maybe not so often as American cops do, but too much often anyway. One year ago, Guards watching the border killed 15 migrants who were swimming, trying to reach the beach at Ceuta, and I wrote this post disagreeing with the killing. Writing about this is terrorism if incites someone to protest demanding a change in government policy to eject psychopaths and killers from the security forces.
  • I support the innocents who were imprisoned in the known judicial set-up named 4F affair, that led to the suicide of a girl, Patricia. And I linked the documentary about this set-up, Dead City. They continue denying it was a set-up, so saying it is terrorism for PPSOE if someone read my blog and protest against this state crime.
  • I’ve published posts in memory of “terrorists” like Yasser Arafat and Che Guevara. And links to other homage posts and videos, in other webpages.
  • Not only here, also I publish in social networks as Twitter and Google+, so spreading the jihadist attacks through different means.


I might do a longer list, but I think it’s enough. According to the anti-jihadist law, I’m a terrorist. So, this blog is terrorism. And you who are reading this blog, you are a terrorist as well!


5 thoughts on “How I became a terrorist

  1. “it’s not prohibited yet, so I’ll continue using it: PPSOE.” Not sure a prohibition would stop you ! Britain appears to be heading the same direction. Most parties have a manifesto statement saying that they will create a Bill of Rights, rather than a Human Rights Act. The rationale is dressed up as threats of terrorism (folk devils and moral panics come to mind), but the agenda is an increased infringement of civil liberties by a ‘democratic’ government. I’m not even going to bother to vote – we don’t have a Podemas – so grassroots ‘revolution disguised as gardening’ for me!

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    • Yes, the so named democracy is already a farce in Western world. Each day is more difficult to find differences between the mainstream parties, it’s understandable not to vote for A or B when the result will be exactly the same. Only in the countries with the worst crisis (Greece, Spain) is where new parties are emerging, because people is too furious.
      Your revolution is near, I’ve seen your countdown in your site:-)

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      • :-)) closer yet! You know, I may bring it to Spain,in which case you’ll be the new soldier! There are writers who talk about the triumph of liberalism or liberal democracy. We could translate that as the death of democracy.


  2. It’s the same in Canada. Like you said, it’s the same throughout all of the west. All the rights and freedoms our ancestors fought for are being taken away from us. Our quality of life is being destroyed as our criminal governments redirect our wealth to the financial elite. And now we have reached the point that we can no longer protest the crimes our governments are committing. Things are getting so bad here that environmental activists are being targeted as dangerous terrorist organizations. All citizens of the west should take to the streets in a massive, collective strike against the corrupted status quo

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    • Yes, I agree. The same politics in all the Western, banks have the power and stopped making concessions once the Berlin wall fell. Now they think there is no alternative, so not needed to make concessions for the masses. Return to feudalism.

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