PolyluxMarx. Understanding Marxism (III)

Third post of this collection of presentations, PolyluxMarx, of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. In the first (PolyluxMarx I) and second one (PolyluxMarx II) we learned things about commodities and money.

PolyluxMarx presentation

Today, the next presentation explains the part II of volume I of ‘Capital’, chapter 4, The Transformation of Money into Capital.

8_Transformation of money

And finally (today), other three presentations to learn the next chapters, in the part III of volume I of ‘Capital’ The Labour Process and the Valorization Process, chapter 6 Constant Capital and Variable Capital, and chapter 7 The Rate of Surplus-Value. This complete the ‘core’ of Marx’s work, needed to understand the rest.

9_Labor process and valorization process

10_Constant and variable capital

11_Rate of surplus value


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