Mission Cuba: time to start

It’s not easy to write about Cuba because nobody is neutral on this country, people tend to see it as black (most people in Western world) or white, no grey. In my country, now that a new political party, Podemos, has got the first place in surveys, the two-party system attacks it claiming that Spain will become as Cuba or Venezuela if Podemos wins; it’s kind of bogeyman for politics. This people will disagree and even will get annoyed if someone says something positive of Cuba.

On the other hand, communists have Cuba as the last refugee (China doesn’t look very communist lately), and will get irritated by any criticism.

I’m on the anticapitalist side, although not thinking that Cuba is the paradise, either thinking that Cuban system might be transplanted here; the historical conditions of Cuba when revolution succeeded are very different from the current Spain (although our government is changing that, currently it’s much closer to 50’s than a few years ago). So, I will try to follow Cindy’s journey as she requests, with no prejudices, as much blindly as I can.


Dear Comrades, It’s been about one week since I got back to Europe, the capitalist and materialistic cold. I’ve been enjoying the Cuban sun for four weeks and I have to say that the adjustment to the weather and the totally different culture is way harder than I expected. Therefore, You will have to be patient. Step by step, I will go through my travel experience once again and I will try to make you experience what I experienced- via a virtual tour. I should also underline that I am a student in the field of political science with a special interest in International Political Economy- Cuba is therefore an especially interesting case. The goal of my trip was to understand this paradox country, to see its weaknesses, as well as its strengths and to get inspired by it- I didn’t know if it would end up in the positive…

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