Murdering journalists

Continuing with the matter of I’m not Charlie, I did read this post (written by William Blum) in Dissident Voice, a site that I follow. The title is revealing, ‘Murdering Journalists… Them and Us’: the post reminds some known events when armies of US and NATO deliberately killed journalists around the world: Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, … I repeat, because it’s important: deliberately.

Of course, Western world wins, we have murdered many more journalists than jihadists did, but that doesn’t prevent the extreme hypocrisy of our rulers talking about Charlie Hebdo and our freedom of speech.

The post of William Blum also talks about the terrorist strikes that the government of United States has carried out against Cuba since 1959. In a lawsuit on 1999, the victims were detailed: 3.478 persons were killed and 2.099 seriously injured, until 1999: bombing at hotels, stores, offices, ships and planes, machine-gun attacks, chemical warfare, biological warfare as the creation of an epidemic of hemorrhagic dengue fever in 1981.

However, the United States Department of State includes Cuba in its list as “State Sponsor of Terrorism” because “recent media reports indicate some current and former members of the ETA continue to reside in Cuba” ( It’s remarkable if we compare with the campaign of US against Cuba. Also, it’s remarkable how they do their list: CIA, NSA, Five Eyes, PRISM, XKeyscore, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, working to build the largest and best network of surveillance and espionage that the world has ever known, and they do their list of States sponsor of terrorism according to “media reports”? Laughable, to say he least.

Here is the link to the post in Dissident Voice:

Murdering Journalists… Them and Us (by William Blum)


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