Dead City

The named 4F affair (4 February 2006) is one of the worst police corruption cases and judicial set-up ever seen in Spain, where there is not lack of corruption.

Four men and a woman were randomly arrested and accused of the attack to a police officer. There were tortures, police reports that disappear and are re-written with a different tale, falsification of evidences, politicians who support the frame-up, a mayor who know the truth and shut up, judges who sentence because they want despite of what evidences and witnesses tell (“Even if one thousand more like you come to me, I will believe the police”, a judge claimed).

The five were sentenced to prison. The girl, Patricia Heras, committed suicide jumping from a seventh floor during a prison furlough to not come back prison that night, in April 2011. (I wrote a first post about this affair, In the name of Patricia, where can be read the complete story).

Patricia Heras

Patricia – photo from

Since then, began a long struggle for truth. The media in this country know very well who they work for, so they have silenced the affair. But they can’t avoid the struggle, and slowly the case was becoming more and more known.


“Patricia Heras, never forget never forgive” – photo: gaelx


Poeta muerta

A book with poems written by Patricia, Poeta muerta (Dead poet) was published by crowdfunding. She wrote heartbreaking texts like this (translation by Lily Tang):

I bury me in life and bitter nightmares will not let me die,
rage slaps me, feeding on me,
it wounds me with humiliation, staring at me arrogantly
and spits into my face a fault that belongs to me,
interred by my own fear.

I know I’m defeated.


Ciutat morta

Later it was released a documentary, Ciutat morta (Dead city), by crowdfunding as well, directed by Xapo Ortega and Xavier Artigas. It was awarded in a cinema festival, but conventional media continued silencing all.

And a few days ago there was a small victory. The citizen pressure has got that public Catalonian television (TV3) will show the film, and so a lot of people with lack of access to internet will know this affair. The citizen pressure and a stupid TV director, who denied having talked with the film producer about the documentary broadcast; when the producer threatened to release a video with the tweets they had exchanged, the director changed his mind provided that the tweets will not be published. The film will be shown in TV3 before 31 January, if the director hasn’t lied once more.

It’s a small victory, yes, but it’s important in a country where we aren’t used to any victory. Of course we would like to see the guilty in prison, but that is impossible here, where corruption is institutional. For the time being.

This is a trailer of Ciutat Morta, with subtitles in English:

In this link the complete film (127 min), subtitles in English:

Ciutat Morta – Dead City




2 thoughts on “Dead City

  1. Finally Ciutat Morta was shown on television, on Saturday night, yesterday. However, it was censored: a judge ordered to cut five minutes because it was mentioned the name of a Police information officer: Victor Gibanel. This man was the person in charge of making reports about incidents in the Police in squat evictions and demonstrations, so supposedly the responsible of the two contradictory reports about this incident, the first and the second versions.
    The censored piece is in this link:

    And here the complete film (subtitles in English):–Dead-City


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