My Quiet Revolution

Permaculture is a concept very new for me, although I’ve seen it was coined decades ago. This is a very interesting post to learn more about this quiet revolution and its philosophy. Reblogging.

Blisters, Bunions & Blarney

According to the philosopher, John Locke, the ‘state of nature’ is a natural condition of humankind.  It is a state of perfect liberty, free from the interference of others.  A state of nature is governed by the ‘law of nature’, which is not to harm nor inhibit the pursuits of others.  Whilst Thomas Hobbes believed the state of nature to be a ‘state of war’, Locke believed it to be more peaceful.  Using his powers of logical deduction, he concluded that one natural right that could be gleaned from this state of nature was the right to private property.

Private property is created when a person’s labour makes use of the nature’s resources.  If a person farms land, she then has a claim to that land and the produce of that labour.  However, there are obvious limits to how much property an individual can own without depriving others of the same right.  A good…

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