Everything Banned

The Parliament of the country where I live has approved the so named Gag Law. Well, the government names it in another way, with more words and sounding better, but here it’s commonly known as Gag Law.

I think that now is official, Spain is an authoritarian regime. If someone tell you there is democracy in this country, don’t believe it, it’s a lie (or puta mentira, as we say, that sounds more forceful).

Basically, our government has banned protests, legalized human rights abuses and given impunity to police. These are some of the approved regulations:

  • Peaceful disobedience to authority (as sit-in), 30.000€ fine (most Spaniards need around two years to earn 30.000€).
  • Occupying banks as mean of protest, 30.000€ fine.
  • Trying to stop an eviction, 30.000€ fine. This is a common activity nowadays, because there are more than 200 evictions daily here.
  • Police has been recorded often beating helpless people and that damages Spain image, so now photographing or recording police is banned, 30.000€ fine.
  • Intrusion in an infrastructure, even overfly, 30.000€ fine. The objective is avoiding protests of Greenpeace, for example. A few weeks ago, Spanish navy attacked a Greenpeace boat and seriously injured an Italian girl (video with the attack, here)
  • Protesting in front of Congress, 30.000€ fine. Members of Parliament don’t want to be disturbed by the mob.
  • Black lists (activists, protesters, journalists, bloggers) have been legalized. Really police had been doing these blacklists already, but they were illegal, now police will continue doing them openly.


Am I in a black list already? I hope so. As someone said, currently if you are not in a police blacklist, you are doing something wrong.


2 thoughts on “Everything Banned

    • Thanks, JoAnn. Today there will be protests in more than 30 cities here against this Gag Law. International institutions as European Court of Human Rights and United Nations Human Rights Committee have warned the Spanish government, because this law breaches international treaties. But they continue ahead.


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