Metropolis is closer

Metropolis is one of the films that are included usually in lists with the best science-fiction movies ever, or sometimes even in the best movies ever. Also, it is registered as Memory of the World by the UNESCO.

Metropolis image

This is a silent film, written by Fritz Lang and his wife Thea von Harbou, directed by Fritz Lang in 1927, and is considered one of the best exponents of German expressionist cinema.

Silent, 1927, German and expressionist are four words that probably shoo most of the people when we are speaking about cinema. All of us in the named Western world are used to the typical U.S. films, and have forgotten that many great films were made before than digital film-making tools started to be used.

Metropolis is one of that films. The story happens in 2026, in a futuristic urban dystopia. The society is divided into two antagonistic classes: an elite owners and thinkers who live on the surface, in large skyscrapers, and a caste of workers, who live under the city and working tirelessly to maintain the way of life of the elite.

After the Second World War, with the so named welfare state, it seemed the world that Fritz Lang described was far away. Nowadays, capitalism has returned to its natural version, income inequality is growing exponentially, the named middle class is an endangered species, and elite class shows to workers class that welfare state was just a parenthesis. 2026 and the society of Metropolis are closer. So, good time to watch again this film.



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