Black Tushuevosday

Today is Black Friday, and all we must run to do shopping, they say.

The first day I read or heard the “Black Friday”, I thought on one of those days that a masked guy takes a machete or power saw and goes partying. But no, later I found out this day is worse. It’s one of that days that companies create to turn people in consumerist zombies.

It seems this is a day following the Thanksgiving Day in U.S.A., so nothing to do in the place where I live, where the Thanksgiving Day doesn’t exist. I don’t know much about the Thanksgiving Day, only that it’s a day to kill turkeys. But I don’t know more about the reasons to explain this hatred against turkeys or who thanks who and why.

But anyway, two or three years ago, companies began trying to introduce the Black Friday here, in the place where I live whose name I do not wish to recall. Always is good any tradition if it allows to get money from the 99% people, the 1% thought. So, they are trying to convince people that this is a great tradition for us as well. By the moment they aren’t succeeding, luckily in my opinion.

So, today is a day for passive resistance, a day to do the gesture shown above and to buy nothing. Bye bye, Black Friday.

P.S.: The title is Spanglish. “Tus huevos” means literally “your balls”, and can be translated in this context as a mixture of no, thanks” and “fuck you”.


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