Demand the Impossible

The people’s dream is the caste’s nightmare, specially in the police states like the country where I live. What will happen if Justice defeats Police, and the politician caste, his mercenaries and even the financial elite stops being protected, if all them begin to be under the rule of Law, like the rest of people?


Justicia, by J.R. MoraCreative Commons

Yes, it’s a daydream, Justice defeating Police, or even, why not, Police could be at the same side of Justice instead of faced. Another daydream, wishing that rulers, the government, should be citizens like the others instead of a special caste whom laws aren’t applied. Or the daydream wanting a government who rules for citizens instead of ruling for increasing elite benefits, a government who uses tax for public services instead of give the money from tax to banks.

During the old May 1968 a slogan became very known: “Be realistic, demand the impossible.” curiously, some of the rulers we suffered lately were young people who claimed this slogan decades ago. And now they say that our much more modest daydreams are impossible, that we must admit the world is divided in the establishment and the rest, the 1% and the 99%, we must understand that rules aren’t the same for the two groups and we must agree being utilised and stolen for the benefits of the establishment. Well, they don’t always say it with that exact words, but that is what they are saying. And we are populists and demagogues if we don’t agree.



But we don’t agree. In the country where I live, now we dare to hope, since the European elections and the rise of the new party Podemos, that has received the public support of people like Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Eduardo Galeano, Michael Hardt, Slavoj Žižek, Antonio Negri… (In support of Podemos). And now, in the last polls, Podemos, born just 8 months ago as a citizen movement, is the first political party already, above the old two-corrupt party system.

By first time in many years, now a lot of people think that what happens in that pic above, Justice defeating Police, is possible. And the caste is terrified. They are talking already on a pact between the two caste parties and also training soldiers in riot tactics, all to fight against their enemy: the people.

Ok, now we claim the same that was said in 1968, “demand the impossible”: we demand that laws must be fulfilled. Yes, it seems radical, populist, demagogic, as the caste repeats day after day; it’s a revolutionary idea, it seems totally Utopian, but we can.


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