Abu Ammar

On 11 November 2004, Yasser Arafat, popularly known as his kunya Abu Ammar, died, poisoned with polonium by the Mossad.

Yasser died not having seen his dream for which he was fighting during so many years: a Palestinian state. Today, ten years later, his dream seems far yet. Israel is military occupying Palestinian land, continues with its ethnic cleansing, stealing homes and land to build settlements, kidnapping, torturing, killing, and from time to time bombarding to accelerate the process. All with the help of U.S.A. and the silence of European governments. A genocide in front of the eyes of the so named international community, that pretend not to see what is happening.

“Yo quisiera” (I would wish), by Karla and Samir Hadj-Djilani:




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