Democratic and Republican cats

Midterm elections a few days ago in USA, and Republican party won.

Everyone knew they should win, as everyone know the Republican candidate (whoever he is) will be the next president. The rotation (almost) never fails. A Republican president follows a Democratic president and vice versa, and each president finish his presidential term in his lowest lever of popularity, as Barack will do. Why is this happening?

Dinner in Mouseland

Dinner in Mouseland – Beatrix Potter RaritiesCreative Commons

This is a curious fact, and it doesn’t happen only in US, although there are a few exceptions and a party breaks the two-party system at some place from time to time. For example, the place where I live; I hope there will be a good exception in next elections, if a coup doesn’t avoid it. Back to the main topic though, today this post is about USA.

Here is the list of presidents since the World War II:

  1. Barack (Democratic) 2009-…
  2. George Walker (Republican) 2001-2009
  3. Bill (Democratic) 1993-2001
  4. George Herbert (Republican) 1989-1993
  5. Ronald (Republican) 1981-1989
  6. Jimmy (Democratic) 1977-1981
  7. Gerald (Republican) 1974-1977
  8. Richard (Republican) 1969-1974
  9. Lyndon (Democratic) 1963-1969
  10. John Fitzgerald (Democratic) 1961-1963
  11. Dwight (Republican) 1953-1961
  12. Harry (Democratic) 1945-1953

So, rotation except in three cases. Two of that cases are special: the Democratic Lyndon followed the Democratic John Fitzgerald, who was murdered less than three years after his election; and the Republican Gerald followed the Republican Richard, who was forced to resign after his reelection; so, the presidential terms hadn’t been finished and a candidate of the same party followed them. The other case is George Herbert following Ronald, it’s the only real breach of the rule.

Never a party has got more than 12 non-stop years in the government, the usual is 8 years. Rotation of black and white cats.



The Canadian Tommy Douglas did a famous speech in 1944 talking about this: Mouseland

Mouseland was a land where little mice lived and, every four years, they had an election. When they got a government of black cats, these cats did good laws for cats, for example saying that mice could only run at certain speed (to let cats hunt mice easily). Then, mice elected white cats in next elections, but the government of white cats did worse laws for mice. So, in next elections mice elected black cats again.

Governments of black and white cats were alternating, but there weren’t too many differences, black and white cats always did good laws… for cats. And so, life was always tough for mice.

At the end, in an assembly, a mouse asks “Look fellows, why do we keep electing a government made up of cats? Why don’t we elect a government made up of mice?“. The others claimed “he’s a Bolshevik. Lock him up!”, and so they put him in jail.

It seems an irrational behaviour, doesn’t it? First, why do mice elect cats? And second, why don’t they understand they are doing it wrong? Why do mice repeat the same mistake again and again? Never mind that the result is always bad, the stupid mice continue electing cats, hoping some day a good cat will become president.



But that will not happen in US, of course. In USland, no mouse will ask why do they keep electing a government made up of cats. In US (as it happens all around the world), mice will continue electing black and white cats, changing the color every four or eight years, hoping some day a cat will do good laws for mice.

That never happen. Cats do good laws for cats, and oligarchy do good laws for oligarchy.


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