I hope you get fucked by a fish and other bad words

Would you like to travel to Spain, but you don’t dare because you can’t speak Spanish properly? I found a post that will help you, at least for one of the most important things in this country: swearing.


The post was written at Young Adventuress in 2012, but it has been recently rescued and popularized in a Spanish news aggregator –meneame.net– and that let me to know it. And I couldn’t help sharing it here. (By the way, our government sanctioned two days ago a law, breaching European Union laws, to eliminate news aggregators as Google News; disadvantages of a corrupt government doing crony capitalism).

As Spaniard since I was born and expert user of bad words, I certify that all the expressions in Young Adventuress’ post are correct and very useful in this country, and also it’s a fun post. What you have seen in the title is one of that expressions, “Que te folle un pez” = “I hope you get fucked by a fish”. Nice, isn’t it?

Here is the link: “How to Swear Like a Spaniard”


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