Valencian Paella in New Jersey

Group with paella

Valencian paella at Valencia

An event tomorrow. Paella For The World is an institution that organises activities in U.S.A. to disseminate Spanish culinary traditions, and this Saturday will organise the New Jersey Paella Festival. The Paella Valenciana is one of the best foods in the world, as any reliable gastronomy expert will say, and I don’t state it just because I’m Valencian (by the way, also Valencia C.F. is the best football -soccer- team in the world and this is out of discussion).

I’m far from New Jersey and so I’ll not take part in this cook-off. I did it sometimes, for example in this photo, a few years or decades ago. We didn’t win the cook-off, but anyway we ate our paella.

For those who live too far from Valencia or New Jersey, here is the recipe: authentic Paella Valenciana. It’s worth to try it.

And here, a vegetarian alternative: Vegetable Paella.

Have you tried it?


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