Ebola is here and someone is happy

Eric Rodger Pianka, “The Lizard Man”, biologist, advocated the elimination of 90% of human population by Ebola virus, in a speech at a meeting of Texas Academy of Science, March 2006.

Death on the Pale Horse - Gustavo Doré

Death on the Pale Horse by Gustavo Doré, 1865 – Public Domain

It provoked some controversy in that year at USA, but the fact wasn’t very known outside. However, now that our government imported the Ebola virus from Africa, everyday is written here a lot of information about the matter, and Pianka’s speech has been released again.

Mr. Lizard’s speech was known when Forrest Mims, scientific of the Texas Academy of Science, published an article titled Meet Dr. Doom, April 2006. Forrest Mims was in that meeting when Dr. Doom Pianka told it. Also, another scientific, Kenneth Summy, confirmed it later in a letter of support for Mims.

In his speech, The Lizard Man talked about how human overpopulation is devastating the Earth, and drastic measures should be taken to save the planet. He asserted that the only solution was to reduce the population to a 10% of the current number; 6.500 millions in 2006, so it should be reduced to 650 millions, eliminating 5.850 millions people.

How could it be done? Eric Doom talked about several possibilities. War and famine would not work, always there is war and famine but not with enough spreading and intensity. It’s better an infectious disease. AIDS kills, but too slowly, patients survive during years since they are infected. The best option for The Doom Man was airborne Ebola virus (or Ebola Reston, result of a mutation of Ebola, that is transmitted through the air). “We’ve got airborne 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that.”, he said.

If you have watched the film ‘The Thaw’ maybe you are thinking already in the character performed by Val Kilmer, a radical ecologist trying to decimate the human population. If you haven’t watched it, don’t worry, it isn’t a great film.

And what did The Lizard Eric answer to Mim’s accusation? He said that Forrest Mims took his statement “out of context”. In other words, Mr. Ebola Pianka admitted that he had said that, but in a context where it was right to advocate the killing of 5.850 millions people. It sounds familiar, the “out of context” is only the usual cliché to justify whatever with none argument.

The Ebola Man must be now watching the Ebola outbreak with hope, but likely a bit frustrated, because it is not the airborne strain; for that reason the mortality is very high, but the transmission is by contact with body fluids, more difficult. That is good news for most people, but bad for Dr. Ebola. Only 4.033 deaths (at 10 October) since December 2013, and now the needed number of deaths is 6.350 millions people, because the population has been increased since 2006.

Sadly, Eric Pianka has a lot of faithful believers, like those charismatic leaders of sects: Osho, David Koresh, Shoko Asahara; all them liked to kill people. This isn’t a religious sect, but surely Dr. Pianka is a charismatic person as well, able to get faithful followers. And he has a dream, to contemplate the death of the 90 percent of humanity (because he would be in the 10 percent of survivors, of course).


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