Ebola is here

Ebola virus is here, in Spain, Europe, Western world, free and running around.

It wasn’t easy, the Spanish government needed to repatriate two infected persons from Liberia and Sierra Leone, hospitalize them in non prepared hospitals and send unqualified personnel without the standard protective suits to treat them. But they got it, a Spanish auxiliary nurse becomes first to contract Ebola outside west Africa.

She was part of the team attending a missionary repatriated from Sierra Leone (he died on 25 September). The woman had alerted about fever on 30 September, but health authorities didn’t think it was a problem if a nurse who had been treating an Ebola infected suffered a slight fever. Five days later she insisted because the fever was higher, she wanted the test, and oh surprise!, the test was positive. Thus the virus was spread during days.

Ebola virus

Photo: CDC / Cynthia Goldsmith – Public Domain

Health personnel blames the substandard equipment, and failures to follow protocols. Also it was denounced BEFORE. A nurse wrote an open letter on 10 August, two months ago, denouncing the chaos: minimum specific training to the personnel (15 minutes, in other countries is 2 or 3 weeks), improvisation with the reconditioning of equipment, change of protocols to validate the available conditions. During months there were repeated reports denouncing the danger, and always the same answer from the health authorities: silence, or threats to those who complained.

It’s sad to say it, but it is not by chance that this has happened in this country. It was understandable, in a country where Public Health was very good years ago, until it started being cut back, breaking apart and privatised. Now it’s a precarious public health system. This is the neoliberalism.


Corruption Minister

Yesterday the Health Minister (Ana Mato) informed about the infection, in an intervention that can be summarized in three words: “I don’t know“. That was her answer for all. It’s not odd, this minister was interrogated five years ago in a corruption case, about a Jaguar (the car) that a known criminal gave to her husband, a gift in exchange for their services; the minister answered “I didn’t know we had a Jaguar, because I never go into the garage”. Although it seems incredible, the judge “believed” her, and so she is Health Minister, instead of being in prison.

Well, this woman who didn’t know there was a Jaguar in her garage is the highest health authority here, who is going to stop the Ebola in Spain and Europe. “Both the health ministry and public health authorities are working together to give the best care to the patient and to guarantee the safety of all citizens”, she said. We’re all going to die.


Killing Excalibur

The ministry and authorities have started to work, as the minister said. Today the health authorities requested permission for killing the nurse’s dog, Excalibur, because dogs can transmit ebola if they are infected.

Excalibur isn’t sick, but never mind. Her husband denied the permission, and then the authorities have ordered forced entry in their home to kill the dog. Nobody will do a simple test, neither a quarantine, simply police will knock down the door and will kill the dog (a shot in the neck?). The system works, not to save persons but to murder dogs.


Save Excalibur – #SalvemosaExcalibur


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