Hope Never Dies

I’ve been interested by the referendum, although I’m not Scottish but Spanish. But I felt a clear liking for the ‘Yes’, and more after reading some of the people doing campaign for the ‘No’: for example, the US senator McCain claiming that US needs a strong United Kingdom helping USA in their military operations; or seeing our Spanish president Rajoy announcing neverending misfortune for Scotland if the ‘Yes’ won. Of course, he is worried about the next referendum, in Catalonia on 9/11, and so was talking for Catalans more than for Scottish.

Anyway, I think Scotland will get it. It will be needed to wait years, but is a fact that young people voted ‘Yes’ and older people voted ‘No’.


So much has been said about Scotland in the last few weeks.


Peoples’ opinions really show you the extent to which the truth of a matter is so hard to find; it is something which really frightens me. In my opinion, opinions are formed based on experience, collected information, and more often than not, personal agenda. Unfortunately when countries are governed by those which most say are untrustworthy, and we are bombarded by media which most admit is steeped in agenda and bias, then where do we turn to learn the truth of our political situation?

If you dig hard enough you can find independent facts. If you know the source then you can usually factor in their bias. But even if you had this factual information what do you do with it? A lot of people feel like they have the most reliable information.


I had a conversation the…

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