Police Academy 8: Dumb in Twitter

There are mentally handicapped persons in the Spanish Police Department.

Perhaps you think that I’m lying or exaggerating. Ok, here there is a tweet from Policía Nacional, the official Twitter account of the Spanish Police, published on 6 September: http://bit.ly/X35rR8

Policia Nacional Twitter

This account is in Spanish language, but this tweet doesn’t need translation, as you can see.

This tweet was released by the Police Department because their Twitter account reached 1.000.000 followers. I’m not going to argue if that number is real or a lie. In this country has been known recently that the prime minister has got thousands of zombie followers in twitter; they are inactive and inhuman accounts, useful to say “I’m very popular, I have xxxxx followers!”, and the price is 100-120€ for 50.000 followers. But if the Police is buying followers in Twitter is secondary for this post, the important thing is the message:





I repeat, this isn’t a private account of some police officer, it’s the official account of the Spanish Police Department. In the information about the account, Police explains that this twitter account helps share critical information. Yes, that is more than evident reading this tweet.

But perhaps I’m wrong, maybe the officer who wrote this isn’t a mentally handicapped person. I’ll just say that sometimes police confiscate cannabis and other things.

In any case, this message was written by a police officer, an adult man or woman who can walk freely by the streets, is authorized to arrest whoever, someone who bear arms and is authorized to use them shooting at people if he/she considers it convenient. This officer was commissioned to write in the Police twitter account because is considered a good communicator by a superior. And surely he/she isn’t the only one, it’s plausible to think that there are more officers like this one, I mean more police officers with the same mental condition.

I’m scared.


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