Homage to Salvador Allende

Salvador Allende

Palacio de la Moneda, 11 Sept 1973 – Photo by Chico Lagos


Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens, 26 June 1908 – 11 September 1973, killed in the coup organized by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, with Augusto Pinochet as executing arm. More than 30.000 people in Chile were killed on that 11 September and next years.

A video made by Mouss et Hakim and Ángel Parra in 2003, Hommage à Salvador Allende:

Spreading neoliberalism coup by coup


Chile was preceded by Brazil in April 1964 and Uruguay in June 1973, and followed by Argentina in March 1976, coups organised by USA to impose the neoliberalism in that rebellious countries. Countries with governments that were trying to improve the status of their citizens instead of working for USA elite benefits.

During those years, around 60.000 people were murdered and 150.000 were tortured in that four countries. It was needed to terrorize people enough to impose an economic system that is disastrous for the great majority of population, but hugely profitable for banks, multinationals and financial power. And every neoliberal economist, the followers of Milton Friedman, will claim it was worth all that blood, because Ford and other companies got to increase their benefits.


The Shock Doctrine today


The same neoliberal doctrine that now is being imposed on Europe, the Shock Doctrine, with the disastrous results for 99% that we are seeing, and marvelous benefits for 1%. So, they are achieving their goals. What is good for the economy is always disastrous for people, and our governments know for who they are working.

Sadly there are none Salvador Allende in European governments, at the moment, just felons sold out to the financial mafia. But this will change some day, and felons will not have place for hiding themselves.


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