The God who saves white American people and let die black African people

Three weeks ago, ebola survivor Kent Brantly released a statement thanking God for sparing his life. Until that day, God had let die 1.427 people for the same illness (today, more than 1.900).

I wonder why He decided to save this one and let die the others: because of the race? -black instead of white-, the nationality? -from African countries instead of U.S.A., the city upon a hill-, perhaps because Kent is one of their own? -a missionary-. Or perhaps God doesn’t differentiate by race, nationality or job, but keeps an eye on who worship Him and who doesn’t do it, or not enough.

Vengeful God
“You’re the next, motherfucker!”

Here is the statement:

Statement from Kent Brantly

Perhaps in the statement we find the hint. Kent is member of Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian organization, and the members were praying for him, day after day. God, despite of being omniscient, must be reminded about important matters with prayers and more prayers. Perhaps God isn’t racist or nationalist, but He keeps account of how many people praise for each ebola infected; if the black African people didn’t get many sympathisers praying for them, it’s logical that God let them die, isn’t it?

Well, whether it is because race, nationality, job, or number of friends praying, if God is responsible for the recovery of Kent, God is responsible for the no recovery of the other more than 1.900 people, at least for omission. Faithfulness to God from Kent, his family and Samaritan’s Purse members have improved even more after this answer from God saving Kent’s life. And the families of the more than 1.900 corpses, what should they feel now about this omnipotent but selective God?

It’s funny that the best evidences against the existence of God are in the statements of believers. I know it because I was in a catholic school in my childhood, and so I was forced to read the Bible, the best reading to become an atheist.


2 thoughts on “The God who saves white American people and let die black African people

  1. I know that his speech made a lot of atheists angry. I was angry when I heard it but also happy that ebola can be cured. I wait to see the medication shipped to African continent in bulk. The situation makes me anxious. We have a chance to do great things but will politics get in the way… again?


  2. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how believers can be so insensible, doing this sort of statements.
    About the cure, sadly I’m more pessimist than you. Look at malaria. There are drugs to prevent malaria, if you live in a Western country and you travel to some parts of Africa, South America or Asia, you’ll be given this preventive treatment. Also there is an effective treatment and, when properly treated, people with malaria can usually expect a complete recovery. However, between 700.000 and 2.000.000 people die each year due malaria, 65% of them are children.
    But malaria doesn’t appear in TV, ebola is more attractive for Western media because malaria isn’t a danger for us.


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