An Israeli settler summarizes Zionism

What would you do or say if a guy comes to your home and tell you “get out, this land is mine, because God gave it to me, and soon the Messiah will come and then you’ll be my slave”.

This video is useful to understand what is happening in Palestine and Israel. Listening this Israeli settler (probably an American Jewish recently arrived) is difficult to believe this is happening currently and not 2000 years ago; but yes, it’s happening now.

They speak Hebrew, and there are subtitles in English, but this video (the first one) lasts only 1:29.  For those who can understand Hebrew (original) or Spanish (subtitles, not a very good translation though), it’s better the second video, that shows more of the same conversation, 10:23.

“Very soon the earth will tremble, a loud trumpet will sound, and then The King Messiah will come. And then all you will be our slaves.”

What may anyone answer to that statement, made nowadays, in 20th century? And that includes all those not Jewish people who claim “I stand with Israel!”, “Israeli have the right to defend themselves!”, not minding if Israeli army kills 2.000, 20.000 or 200.000 Palestinians. You can stand with Israel, but anyway you’ll be slaves if you are not Jewish, folks. Will these supporters claim then “Israeli have the right to own slaves?”. Will Jon Voight claim that everyone who deny that right is an anti-semitic?

Luckily their God and their trumpeter Messiah have not power over me, I’m atheist.



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