The retirement of The Riot Dog


His name is Loukanikos, or Louk, and some years ago became a heroe for European protesters against the financial elite and their robbery (“austerity”, they say).

Loukanikos in protest

Louk raised to fame when many photos and videos started to be published in internet, showing him in different protests and riots. It seems that he didn’t miss a protest at Athens since 2008, and that protests were abundant there in those years. There were a lot of images of this brave dog at Athens streets, always knowing at which side he was: facing the cops, running with his mates, fighting, being hit by the cops…


People did many videos with images of Louk, that can be easily found in internet, here it is one of them.

However, I hadn’t read about him again, during last years. And a few days ago, when someone asked me for one of that photos, I did a search and found these news: Athens Riot Dog: Loukanikos’ Protester Career is Over

Indeed, Loukanikos ended his career as protester, and since september 2012 is living his retirement in a home. I guess now he enjoys doing the usual tasks, for example hunting tennis balls or laying down on the sofa when nobody see him.

Without a doubt, it’s a well-earned retirement.


Edited on 10 October:

R.I.P. Loukanikos

Loukanikos passed away on 21 May 2014, although the news wasn’t known until 9 October. His health had been affected by the tear gas, and had breathing problems. “He was on the couch sleeping, when suddenly his heart stopped beating,” Loukanikos’ carer told.



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