Déjà vu in Palestine

On these days it’s mandatory to write about the last massacre at Palestine. In the moment I write this, Israel bombs have killed 80 people; surely when you read it, they will be many more. This is a déjà vu, we have seen this a lot of times. It’s the usual routine, and all those who don’t agree are automatically called anti-semitic, that is part of the usual routine.

Now the excuse is the launch of some rockets, Netanyahu says. But no matter, the attacks, invasions and bombardments of Israel against Palestinians or neighbours happen each 3 or 4 years. With or without rockets, with or without Hamas, with or without Arafat, with or without intifada, with or without peace process, Israel government -with the support of most Israeli population- feels the need of killing some hundreds or, better, thousands of people from time to time. Some Palestinians are killed in “peace time” too, in checkpoints, or when they are expelled from their homes to build a settlement, or during their torture in police stations, but at a slower pace that doesn’t satisfy them enough.

They are “defending themselves”, they say, a military invader defending from the occupied people. They are “fighting against terrorism”, they say. Let’s take a glance to this map: it shows how this “war against terrorism” is useful to expel people from their homes, steal their land and properties and expand Israel borders, heading to the dream of the so named Greater Israel, it is named also as Land of Israel, Promised Land, Complete Land of Israel, or Entire Land of Israel: from the Nile to the Euphrates.

At this point always there is some moron claiming that Palestine never was an independent state, as if that could deny any right to the people living there; right to live in a land, a home, to have any property and even right to continue alive. No, Palestinians never had these rights because Palestine never was an independent state, morons say.

To finish, there is here one of those photos that can be seen these days, and each day there will be more. It’s very unpleasant and disturbing, I know. But it’s the reality of Palestine.

Palestine, 10 July 2014

Palestine, 10 July 2014


BDS Movement: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.



2 thoughts on “Déjà vu in Palestine

  1. I agree 100% with everything you say, it is outrageous how Israel get away with this and have got away with oppressing Palestine for the past 60 years. Over 120 dead on the latest news report, people being bombed in their homes and sitting in cafes and mosques.
    Until the US stops bankrolling Israel, it will continue to steal Palestinian land and building on it while running one of the most advanced military. Without USA money it would be forced to make peace as it could not afford to do both. We need sanctions on Israel as put upon the Russians over Crimea.

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    • Thanks, Lucy. I read your posts about this last attack, and totally agree as well. That image of Israelis celebrating deaths in Gaza, eating popcorns while enjoy the bombarment is really outrageous
      But it seems very difficult or impossible that US modifies its policy on Israel, with lobbies ruling in US. They have been always doing the same, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan… the rhetoric varies, but facts are always the same.


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