This blog has been moved from Blogger to WordPress. That’s a thing that I wanted to do, and one year ago I was working on it, however some issues made me to postpone it. Now, it’s done.

I’ve tried to hold a similar environment, although there are some changes. The graphic part is simpler, that can be noticed at the first glance. Anyway, the matters usually discussed in this blog don’t need much graphic display. Now the page size and so the website speed should improve, I hope.



Surely there will be some issues in old posts, as broken links. The import was done with a tool that WordPress and Blogger provide, but with some fails. Although I reviewed the page later, there are 160 posts, too many for an exhaustive review. Also I need to know better how WordPress works, I’m a beginner here yet. Luckily there is a community willing to help, as I have checked already.


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