Better than you since 1776

That is what Barack Obama and some people (not many, I hope) in United States of America have decided to believe and claim continuously, since the 1830s. They name it as American Exceptionalism (when they say American, they mean U.S.A. citizens, excluding citizens of the other American countries). Others name it as Arrogance.

arrogant Obama

Barack told it last time (at least for now when I write this) one month ago, on 28 May, in a speech to his armed forces before to send them around the world to kill unexceptional people here and there:

“I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being… “

And he added that all the countries in the world, with the exception of U.S.A., are dispensable:

“The United States is the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed, and will likely be true for the century to come.”

It would be offensive if it weren’t so laughable.


American exceptionalism

It seems Barack The Exceptional has repeated so many times how much exceptional U.S.A. is over the ordinary countries (the rest of the planet), that he tries to say the same in stronger ways, and so he is reaching new levels of pompous ridiculous. Barack is very skilled in that, I mean in pompous ridiculous speeches.

I’m part of the conventional people, according to the division of the world that these believers in American Exceptionalism like to do. At a side, U.S.A., the exceptional nation, the indispensable nation, the shining city upon a hill (this is in the Bible, they say, although I’m not sure if the Bible says explicitly this shining city is United States of America); at the other side, the mediocre rest of countries, dispensable peoples, God-forsaken hamlets at the bottom of a dark ravine.

As I said, I am not offended by this because it is too much ridiculous. However, these believers in American Exceptionalism take offence when any foreigner don’t agree with them and don’t admit to be inferior. It happened last September, when the foreigner Vladimir Putin commented about that alleged American Exceptionalism (A Plea for Caution From Russia). He wrote in a respectful tone (definitely more respectful than mine):

“It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

smiley vomiting

Bob figurative image, not identical to real Bob

I see nothing wrong here (except that God created nothing, because He doesn’t exist), but it seems these words caused great offence there, even he caused some stomach problems to a senator: “I almost wanted to vomit”, this exceptional American senator Bob Menendez said. A foreigner saying that every country are equal for God, how dares he?. (By the way, that last name, Menendez, sounds a bit foreigner, too Hispanic, doesn’t it? Maybe he needs to counterweight his last name with harsh statements to remain in the exceptional side of the world). Anyway, I think Bob should visit a doctor, maybe it’s not Vladimir Putin but Helicobacter pylori.


Biggest threat to peace

Well, I’m sorry, but I never have liked those groups claiming a superiority over the others. It can be about the race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nation… all is the same rubbish, never mind how the members of this “superior” group try to justify their ideology. And nationalism is the most dangerous rubbish, mainly when it is joined to an exacerbated militarism, as obviously happens with U.S.A. The U.S.A. military expenditure is higher to the sum of the following ten or eleven countries (according to different sources).

And Barack and his exceptional fibers confirmed this in the same speech, when they talked also about how they see the relations of U.S.A with the planet Earth:  

“the United States will use military force, unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it.”

We know, Barack, we are seeing your soldiers, bombers, ships, missiles, drones, around the world, we know that you have killed thousands of civilians, and we know you approve a new kill list each Tuesday in your office, deciding who lives and who dies (together with relatives and neighbours). The so named Terror Tuesday meetings. Because your core interests demand it, of course, and you mean the interests of those you represent, the U.S.A. financial power elite.

A few months ago an international poll got a clear result: U.S.A is perceived as the biggest threat to world peace. It isn’t Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela, not even Cuba, no, it’s United States of America and its self-proclaimed exceptionalism what is perceived as the worst danger, and more since it’s ruled by Barack Obama. Yes, worse than George W. Bush, although that seemed impossible. And this perception is suitable looking at the history: there is no country that has invaded more countries in the world than has U.S.A.

USA: years in war since 1776

Luckily the place where I live has not oil, gas or any valuable resource, it’s not an exceptional place, like people living here. Just normal people trying to live ordinary lives and not pretending to be exceptional. Like most people in U.S.A., I guess. Really a normal guy from U.S.A. has much more things in common with a normal guy from Spain than with the elitist Barack, in the same way that I have more things in common with a U.S.A. normal citizen than with my Spanish and corrupt royal family. And it would be much better if most people understand this.



Ah, also Barack repeated again his old joke about he is going to close Guantanamo. That is like “Satisfaction” for the Rolling Stones, they can’t end a concert if they don’t perform that old song, and this Barack can’t end a speech if he doesn’t state that he is going to close Guantanamo. Barack The Closer of Guantanamo. It’s a tradition already. But it’s not funny, it’s creepy.


2 thoughts on “Better than you since 1776

  1. Horribly arrogant but I'm guessing that he thinks if he says it enough Americans will believe him. Everyone else just thinks what an ignorant man he must be but he has been such a disappointment that most people gave up caring what he had to say a long time ago.


  2. Yes, he has been the largest disappointment in many years. I was thinking in that when did the comparison with Bush. Everyone knew what Bush was, since the beginning, he was so see-through… But this Obama got to trick everyone, and that causes a greater scorn later. Here that happened with Zapatero as well.


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