Two human beings and three cops

This pic has been the winner in a social photography contest, organised by Generación Human@. Its title is “Abrazo tras el desahucio” (Hug after eviction), made by Germán Caballero, and it can be read a long post about it in his blog: retales fotográficos

Hug after eviction
Abrazo tras el desahucio – photo: Germán Caballero –

The story behind the pic is very common in Spain, where near 200 evictions are done each day. A family  who can’t pay the mortgage to the bank, then the bank requires the eviction, and a judge commands it. Banks can’t pay their credits neither, but that isn’t a problem, government helps them with thousands of millions of money that years ago was used in things like public health or education. Now that money is better used, being given to banks, because this isn’t a communist nation.

Once the judge has ordered the eviction, cops go to the home, knock down the door and drag the family to the street. If they can be hosted in the home of any relative or friend, better for them; if not, that isn’t the responsibility of the government, this is not a populist government.

Sometimes there is a little problem though, and some people of an anti-eviction organization (PAH, Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca), try to stop the eviction. That was unexpected at the beginning, but now police know what to do, and they come to these events with all their usual riot equipment. Some blows here and there and the resistance ends. Then the cops can do their duty and throw to the street that family who didn’t pay enough to the bank. The Free Market works.

In this case, a photographer was in the place as well, and he did this photo once the eviction had been done. A family consisting of a married couple and four children had been successfully expelled from their home, as it should be. The woman and the man in the pic aren’t the evicted people, but members of the citizen organization that tried to prevent it. They didn’t get their goal and the woman collapsed in tears, while the cops watch the scene with indifference. The Rule of Law works.

This is Spain these days.


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