Some people are playing football, I think

Yes, it seems that some days ago started a football championship, the FIFA World Cup. The Greatest Show on Earth, as it has been named.

cat bursting with joy

Good patriots all around the world (except planet USA) are these days in front of their TVs, with flags painted on their faces, shouting like possessed sheep, insulting to images in the screen, and weeping if the team with the name of their country loses.That is the expected behaviour of good citizens during these days, and that is what you should be doing now if you aren’t a radical.

During these days all the rest of things must be forgotten or postponed: wars in the world and threats of new wars, Obama coming invasions or bombardments, kidnappings of women to exchange for cows, killer drones, war of 1% against 99%, poverty, financial terrorism, raise of extreme right wing in Europe, resignation of some corrupt King … all that can wait. As UEFA president Platini said to Brazilians: “We must tell the Brazilians that they have the World Cup and they are there to show the beauty of their country and their passion for football. If they can wait at least a month before making social outbursts, it would be good for Brazil and for the football world.” (Don’t protest during the World Cup, Platini says Brazilians).

This is good news for idiots, it was demonstrated that a complete idiot can be a good football player and even president of the UEFA. Anyway, Platini could have added that the death of all those workers who died in accidents during the accelerated construction of the stadiums was worth it.

protests in Brazil

I should be bursting with joy, because the team with the name of the country where I live is the actual champion of this thing (although they have been given a good beating in the first match, LOL). But, for some reason, I don’t identify myself with these precocious millionaires.

In the last European Championship, 70.000 people signed a request, asking Spanish players to donate for social purposes the bonus to be carried in case of winning; they won, 300.000 € each one, but kept their money in their Swiss bank accounts. In this World Cup the possible bonus is 720.000 € each head, in one of the poorest countries of the EU, the same request has been done, and the answer will be the same (although this time they won’t win, LOL).

At least, the players don’t laugh at us (publicly) as answer. That shows a high level of social sensitivity and solidarity, more than I hoped from them. Just Cristiano Ronaldo can be so stupid to say his famous phrase: “People boo me because I’m rich, handsome and a great player; they envy me, there’s no other explanation.” (I’m rich, handsome and a great player). There are other explanations, Cris, but don’t worry, you might succeed Platini in the UEFA presidency.

Well, I don’t know which team will win this World Cup, and also I don’t give a damn about the matter.


2 thoughts on “Some people are playing football, I think

  1. If the government of a nation has some bad news to put out, this is a good time to announce it because most of the world (especially Europe) is not looking. If our governments (Spanish & UK) had this in mind, they missed the chance.


  2. Yes, surely UK and Spain are the great dissapointments of this championship, for football fanatics and their governments. But really they have done the usual. UK always arrives as one of the favorites and is soon removed. Spain has done unusual things during the last six years, but finally has returned to its typical behavior.


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