Do little mice scare fat cats?

As I warned in my last post (Do mice cry when a cat dies?), elections happened in European Union a few days ago, to send a bunch of members to the European Parliament, that institution that nobody knows exactly what does, or if it does something. As usually, abstention won the election, more than 50% of citizens decided not to waste some minutes of their lifes voting.

Mouse chases kitten
Mouse Chases Kitten, by PiognarkCreative Commons

But I wanted to talk about a new party, Podemos (“we can”), born just a few months ago. It is based in the 15-M movement, the Spanish indignados movement, and after a modest electoral campaign with the money they got by crowdfunding, has got 1.245.948 votes, many more than surveys told during all the campaign. The establishment is astonished and outraged.

So, conventional politicians and media are attacking. Podemos and their voters have been marked as irresponsibles, freaks, long-haireds (these are the most benevolent adjectives), radicals, anti-system, marxists, fascists, communists, bolivarians, anarchists, nazis, stalinists, populists, castrists, hitlerians, friends of Iran, chavists, jihadists, simpathetics of terrorism, and more. It seems these politicians and media have tried to cover the whole spectrum of insults (what they consider as insults), although with not too much coherence, obviously. Perhaps they should focus their shots in a certain direction, and stop shooting randomly in every direction, surely that would give them some credibility. Although surely it’s too much late, at this point.

Anyway, 1.245.948 votes is not much, it let to get 5 members in this European Parliament. The PP, the corrupt party that is ruling and stealing at the current time in Spain, has got 15 or 16, I don’t remember now. Podemos is far of being a power able to rule this country, yet. But it seems Podemos has got to infuriate the enemy in this war of the 1% against the 99%, and now it is seen as a dangerous threat (Podemos hopes to cement rise of citizens politics in Spain after election success).

Good to know.


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