Do mice cry when a cat dies?

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Next Sunday, 25 May, our rulers let us to vote once more, and elections will be celebrated for the European Parliament, in EU. For those who don’t know exactly which are the functions of this so named Parliament, don’t worry; nobody knows it.

But for those who wish to vote anyway, here is this video, based in an old (1944) but always current speech of Tommy Douglas, Mouseland: the land where mice elect black or white cats; why not elect some mice for a change?


These are bad times for politicians in my country, whose name I do not wish to recall, and the reason isn’t the elections for the Parliament of unknown function.

A politician was shot dead a few days ago by other two members of her party ( -a reckoning?-. Strangely enough (or maybe not), this sad issue was saluted in twitter and social networks with some laughs, jokes and even threats to other politicians.

Also, threats are being written in walls and doors of political parties headquarters (the two main political parties) since a long time ago, and more often each day. The candidates in the European elections here have to hear some insults each time they are at the street. The so named austerity that they are imposing, the cuts and dismantling of public services that were considered basic, the transfer of public money to banks, the huge and neverending corruption, the blatant theft… all that is worsening day after day the image of these politicians, and they start to be scared.

In some towns, police is teaching self-defense to politicians, we have read in newspapers some days ago. I wonder which sort of self-defense is this: kung-fu? running quicker? looking under bed before to sleep? Who knows.

Rulers have requested an effort to their loyal police. Brave officers are always watching internet, ready to send the Special Forces and arrest any teen who write unrespectful comments about them. Also, media have been requested to spread the news of each arrest, to give example, and media, always obedient, are diligently doing it.

And, as this isn’t enough, our Interior Minister, the catholic fundamentalist who awards wood figures of the Virgin Mary with gold medals (it isn’t a joke, it’s real: Officer Virgin), has announced a quick change in laws that will allow to jail more and longer those unrespectful people who aren’t enough polite when talk about our dear rulers.

Interior Minister of a secular country kissing a figurine – photo:

These are bad times for rulers and corrupt politicians, it seems some mice don’t respect fat cats as we should. Maybe this government, after having awarded a wood figure, might appoint a horse as consul, as it’s said Caligula did. Maybe that would be good to be more respected, if an Emperor did it…


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