The King who organized coups

A book has caused (feigned) surprise and (hypocritical) outrage in Spain (the establishment and the docile media). It’s a book published last Thursday, 3 April, written by the popular journalist and historian Pilar Urbano: “La gran desmemoria” (English, The great forgetfulness). In the book, it’s told how the King Juan Carlos of Spain plotted against the Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez in 1981:

Don Juan Carlos de Bribon
Don Juan Carlos de Bribon, by 8patas

A royal spokesman has claimed this is a “pure fiction, impossible to believe”, and added that “The palace wishes to highlight the impeccable manner in which his majesty the king has always fulfilled his institutional obligations”. (Spain’s royals outraged by ‘fictional’ history book). I didn’t know that a building, even a palace, has wishes, but no matter. And of course, the well-trained media have been quick to show their disbelief and outrage, lest they be accused of treason.

It’s laughable, to say the least. I wrote a post about his majesty the King on 15 May 2012 (King Juan Carlos I, elephant and women hunter). The matter of that post wasn’t the coup attempt, but anyway I mentioned there the issue: “the coup d’etat attempt and the rol that Juan Carlos played in it (if someone repeats the official version saying that Juan Carlos stopped the coup, let me to laugh out loud)”

I am not a journalist, nor a secret agent, nor an investigator, I haven’t confidential information. But this was a well known secret.

The participation of King Juan Carlos in the coup attempt of 23 February 1981 has been written in a book (Un Rey golpe a golpe, published only in internet) many years ago, and later also confirmed by others, like the colonel Martínez Inglés and the politician Iñaki Anasagasti. I’ve read many articles in web pages about the matter, and wasn’t difficult to find it.

tanks at Valencia, 23 february 1981
23 February 1981 –

That information has been always “ignored” by media, but within reach of anybody with internet connection and who can read. I doubt that all these politicians and journalists who now are yelling against Pilar Urbano hadn’t internet connection or couldn’t read. Simply, the difference is that Pilar Urbano is too well-known and her book will be well sold, also she provides new details about how it was done. So the issue can’t continue being ignored as heretofore. Now, the tactic must be different, now they must attack.

But the evidences began to be too obvious, my dear King.


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