Celebrating Five Years of InWorldz

During these days, since 16 March through 2 April (tomorrow), is being celebrating the 5th Birthday of InWorldz.

Ilianor Illios art
Fata seduta con farfalle – author: Ilianor Illios

There were a lot of events during this festival, and sadly I got enough time to visit only a little part of them. 15 sims were made to showcase different aspects of this virtual world.

Solas NaGealai art
Girl in a Mirror – author: Solas NaGealai
Marilyn- author: strand starsider
  • Roleplay, from light to dark: elven, fairies, vampires, trolls…
  • Fashion shows by many designers of InWorldz.
  • Visual Arts, with a main gallery and surrounding art park.
  • Dreamscape: an amazing fantasy landscape.
  • Oceanscape: mer-folk, pirates.
  • Tinyville, with cute furry friends.
  • Music: live performers, DJs
  • Contests: IW5 Logo, Cake for IW5 birthday, Crazy Party Hat, Crazy Vehicle, Fantasy Build, Home Build, Business Build.

Those who know InWorldz have been there already, I guess, and for those who don’t know it, it’s impossible to describe in a post all the stuff included in this event.

My friend Ilianor Illios showed me her creations for this event, and later she was rewarded with the 1st place in the Fantasy Build Contest. I took some photos, and here they are. A little sample of what it’s possible to build in this virtual world, with fantasy and artistic talent.

This is the prizewinner creation, a carriage of the King of the Fairies, with the Queen and their daughter.

Congratulations to all the artists of InWorldz who make possible great events like this. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only non artist there.


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