An offer I can refuse

Users of Twitter know that this social network uses to directly recommend accounts to follow. It seems that Twitter reviews the list of accounts we are following, build a profile of us, and then look for similar accounts that we might like to follow, sending their suggestions with these similar accounts.

This might be considered an invasion of privacy, but anyway this isn’t the matter that I wanted to talk about in this post. The matter is that their suggestions are horribly made, at least in this case.

Twitter screenshot with suggestions

The image above is the email that Twitter sent me, with their recommendatios based on FACUA-Consumers in Action, an association for the defence of consumer rights. I’m associate in FACUA.

AUSBANC, association of users of financial services, and ADICAE, association for the defence of rights for victims of banks, are suitable suggestions. The Huffington Post is a news site, it’s a bit odd in this list. But the most incredible is the other suggestion, Policia Nacional (Police)???

What do an organization for the defence of consumer rights and a cops gang have in common? Not much, in my opinion. I ignore how Twitter does the selection of suggestions, but the process clearly could be improved.

police beating a man

Those who have read some posts in this blog know that Police isn’t one of my favorite things. For example, I’ll mention the last two posts in this blog about them, Police Brutality, Police Impunity, Police State and Valencian Spring.

Also I wonder which sort of tweets are published by the cops. About their usual activities, I guess: the beating of protesters, the killing of a detainee, the heroic eviction of an old woman, another eye busted by a rubber ball, the death of some inmigrant, the arrest number 162 of Yafar, … Security forces in this country are trying to get a reputation as the most brutal police in European Union, and they are in the right way. They have got recently some warning from the European Commission, for example about the “accidental” death of 15 inmigrants at Spanish border, a few days ago. But that little incident haven’t caused many troubles in this country, because the corpses were poor, foreigners and also black. Once more, I’m ashamed of being citizen of this nation, where shoot rubber bullets and tear gas at people who are drowning in the sea isn’t a crime but telling it is a crime.

Inmigrants drowning while Spanish police shoot them rubber bullets and tear gas –

Really I prefer not to find out what police like to write about, for the same reason that I never have read Mein Kampf. Therefore, I must politely refuse this Twitter offer. No, thanks.


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