Bye bye world

I warned it time ago (Next World’s End) but, for those forgetful people who have forgotten this important event, I repeat it: tomorrow, 14 February 2014, the world will end. Yes, again, and yes, it’s a pity.

Battle of the Doomed Gods
Kampf der untergehenden Götter by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, 1882 – Wikimedia Commons

This time aren’t the Mayans who will destroy the Earth, but the Vikings. According to predictions from the Vikings -deciphered by norse mithology experts-, tomorrow, St. Valentine’s Day, the god Odin will be killed by a wolf named Fenrir. Then Fenrir and his friends will continue doing pranks: the wolf Skoll will devour the sun, and his brother Hati will do the same with the moon. Stars will vanish, earthquakes will devastate the Earth, the sea will rear up, huge fires, etc, etc. (Will the world end in 100 days?)

Well, an excellent video to say goodbye: “Bye bye life”, the wonderful last scene from Bob Fosse’s film All That Jazz.


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