Mandela and Hypocrites III

On 10 December 2013, Barack Obama, as many other heads of state and government, attended the Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Obama did an emotional speech praising Madiba, comparing him with Gandhi and Lincoln, and beautifully speaking about freedom, peace, equality, justice…

Two days later, Obama killed 17 civilians who were going to a wedding party at Radda, Yemen, bombarding them with one of his drones (President Obama’s new normal: the drone strikes continue).

Obama approves his ‘kill list’ each Tuesday in his office at the White House. Why did Obama decide to bombard the participants in the wedding? It isn’t known, because USA terrorist strikes are secret. Maybe one of the participants was a possible suspect of something, and what if there were more people around?

But the terrorists launched four missiles. Wasn’t they sure which of the vehicles carried their target? Or did they try to kill the maximum number of civilians? Perhaps Obama has decided that those being close to a suspect are suspects as well, and therefore must be killed with the main suspect. Any possibility is scary, because shows a total indifference by human beings.

The total lack of empathy is a characteristic trait of psychopaths. Barack Obama can slaughter 17 people an evening and then have dinner with Michelle and their daughters, quietly talking about the last match of the Chicago White Sox or about the quality of the wine they are drinking. Like Hannibal Lecter. People uses to feel and show nervousness, unease, after having killed someone, but this doesn’t happen to Hannibal Lecter nor Barack Obama. I haven’t been invited to a dinner in Barack’s home until this moment, but it’s obvious he hasn’t problems killing innocent civilians since he has been doing it during years and continues doing it, and never has shown any remorse or worry. Really I wonder if psychopathic personality is a needed requisite to be ruler of a country.

Never mind, Obama will continue repeating his lie, “before any strike is taken, there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured”. With slight changes, he and his spokepersons have claimed this lie a lot of times, almost as many times like that other, “Guantanamo is going to be closed”. And lately he has a new promise to break, about limits on his massive surveillance.

But his speech in Mandela’s memorial was very beautiful, indeed.



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