Erotic Photo Show I

It has been a little surprise for me that one of the most visited posts in the last months has been this one: First Annual Erotic Art Show. That festival in a virtual world, InWorldz, was closed time ago, but the post continues receiving visits. Then I thought that there aren’t erotic posts in this blog, except that one, and it seems there is an unmet need.

Therefore, I decided to do another one, with erotic photos that I collected from internet.

Vintage Postcard
Vintage postcard, 1904 – source: Casas-Rodríguez collection

A warning: if you are a child or your name is Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Censorship), you shouldn’t click on ‘read more’ unless you receive permission from your parents.

It’s a common complaint that erotic works are usually biased to men, plenty of naked or half-naked women and scarcity of sexy men. Surely it is because men demand more this kind of art, but anyway I’ve done an effort to fulfill every taste: there are women, men, gods, goddesses, horses, camels, goats, deers, snakes, swans, octopuses, and more. I’m a classic though, prefer women. About the matter, single models, male and female homosexuality, ménage à trois, zoophilia, wrestling, spanking, damsels in distress, even simple heterosexuality.

Really the stuff is so huge, I found and chose so many photos, that what began as a post has been turned in two parts, doing two Slideshow presentations instead of one. In this post is the first presentation, and soon in a next post, the second one.

Priapus with Caduceus
Priapus with Caduceus, Pompeii, between 89 BC and 79 AD – photo: get directly down

The attentive reader maybe will notice that some of the works aren’t very modern (I mean that all of them are very old). Indeed, the range is between 25000 BC and 1924 AD. That is because of copyright laws, that each day are harder all around the world, always protecting the interests of authors large companies. But that is the purpose of every law, isn’t it?

Ah, but at this time you don’t mind the copyrights, you are thinking on the image of Priapus, he has attracted your attention, hasn’t it? He is a Greek fertility god (his name gave rise to the medical term priapism), and the image is a fresco found at Pompeii. If your name is Mark Zuckerberg and you’ve seen this picture, probably you’ve passed out; but if you are an adult, now you’ll click on the Slideshow. I thought this image would push people to watch the rest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is the second part:


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