Reflections on God

Some days ago, I published a post in this blog and later in Google+, about a woman whose photo in 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish civil war, became an icon of the fight against the fascism. The woman passed away on 6 January this year, and both posts were about her and the photo.

In Google+ the post got two curious comments from the same person. The post was published in a comunnity named Socialists, so one would hope that people reading there is socialist, but not always, decent people comes into from time to time to announce what God will do with us, the heretics. And the comments of this religious person led me to these reflections on God (maybe he was being ironic, but anyway his comments let me to do these reflections)

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo

WARNING: This post can offend some people. So, if you think you can be offended, don’t click on ‘read more’

Here is the post and the two comments:

post in Google+


“And let Hell have here (her) with all of the Comunists (Communists)

“And so called ‘Social Democrats'”

The first reflection is obvious: God is a right-winger. But not a normal right-winger. I know some right-wing persons and I can talk with them, even about politics, not insulting us or physically attacking us. That would be impossible with God, because He hates socialists, communists, social-democrats… he hates everyone who isn’t right-winger, and therefore He sends us to the Hell. It makes sense.

For those who don’t know much about these matters, the Hell is a place that He built or allowed to build, where people is imprisoned and tortured, the entire day, one day on and the next day on. Like Guantanamo, but even worse, because one can try suicide or to die in Guantanamo, but can’t die in the Hell because everyone is dead already there (I know about this because I attended a catholic school in my childhood). It’s obvious that God loathes a lot to the not right-wing people, if He sends all of us there.

But He doesn’t just hate the leftist people, it’s obvious that God loathes homosexuals as well. Thousands of priests and good people have repeated it thousands of times. Just a few days ago, it was known where I live that a councilman, whose homosexuality is known, has cancer. At once, a priest in a TV channel claimed that was a punishment that God sent him because of his sexual condition. A long and painful illness as just punishment for this gay and his family. There are millions of homosexuals that haven’t cancer, but that is because God, although omnipotent, can’t spend His time with all of them. It makes sense.

So, summarizing: God is capitalist, right-winger, heterosexual, Christian (Catholic, Protestant?), male and white (I never have seen a picture of a female or black Christian God).

God is Love, they say, but wait a moment. He  loves you if you are right-winger, heterosexual and were born in a right country and so you “chose” the right religion. If you are left-winger, homosexual, Muslim or Hinduist, if you don’t believe in Him or you don’t worship Him, God hates you and you’ll go to Hell for eternal torture. Because God is Love. It makes sense.

Lava pit, Hell
picture by (WT-shared) Jpatokal at wts wikivoyage

I would say this God seems a psycopath. And yet we haven’t talked about other matters, for example:

  • Abraham and Isaac: God orders a man to kill his son to check if he obeys like a dog. Abraham is determined to obey and, surprisingly, that is told to be a righteous behaviour.
  • Job: A just man as well, then God makes a deal with Satan to punish Job with horrendous disasters, including the death of his sons, just to test his character.
  • Sodom and Gomorrah: God kills thousands because some people had licencious customs, there were homosexuals!!! I wonder if He will bombard San Francisco some day.
  • the Flood: Again killing thousands of innocents because He didn’t like some people. As Obama, God never did care much the collateral damages.
  • the Plagues of Egypt:: Once more killing thousands of innocents, this time to force a ruler to do something. This is usually named terrorism.



Well, it’s enough. As I said, I attended a catholic school and I left it being an atheist. That’s not odd, I think, let a teenager to know the Old Testament and the most likely thing is to turn him/her an atheist.



More about God:

Maths prove the existence of God, Hallelujah!

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