María dies, an icon of the Spanish civil war

María Ginestá was 17 years old and member of PSUC (Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia) when this photo was taken, in summer 1936, on the roof terrace of Colón hotel, Barcelona. The fascist Francisco Franco had revolted against the democratic government, and the civil war that lasted three years had started just a few days before.

Maria Ginesta
photo: Juan Guzmán

This photo became an icon of the fight against the fascist army, and it’s easy to realize it. A great photo showing a defiant young girl, with a militia uniform, rifle at her back, and the image of Barcelona in the background. Her name was unknown until a few years ago, when a documentalist identified and found her.

During the war she was injured and ran away to France, from there to Dominican Republic and years later again to France. Yesterday, 6 January, María died in Paris at the age of 94. Rest in Peace.


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