Mandela and hypocrites

Nelson Mandela was a great leader, one of the greatest men of history. But not due the reasons that most of media and hypocrite rulers are repeating all around the world.

young Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela, 1937 – Wikimedia Commons

Nelson Mandela was black and also red, marxist, communist, and a revolutionary. He did read texts of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao.

And he thought that violence against opressors was needed. First he started a path of nonviolent resistance influenced by Ghandi, but later he realized that the ANC (African National Congress) “had no alternative to armed and violent resistance”. In Ethiopia, he was two months in a guerrilla warfare course. He was considered a terrorist by the racist South Africa government and its allies like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. When he was in prison, he rejected an agreement to get freedom if he renounced violence.

However, Mandela always chose sabotage (bombing military installations, power plants, telephone lines and transport links at night, when civilians were not present) to not involve loss of life. Real terrorists using explosive belts or drones don’t take those precautions.

Mandela was a Malcolm X, a Black Panther, a Che Guevara, not an Uncle Tom or a Mother Teresa of Calcutta as media describe him nowdays. He worked for reconciliation later, indeed, but once he had won.

Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela, 1991

I said that he won. It was an argueable victory though, that led him to renege on his economic program (as it’s explained in one of the chapters of Naomi Klein’s ‘The Shock Doctrine‘; soon I’ll publish a post about this book). He couldn’t or didn’t want to apply the economic program of ANC, included in the Freedom Charter, that implied nationalization of mines, banks and monopoly industry. Instead of that, his government adhered to the infamous “Washington Consensus“.

As result, today South Africa is a sample of neoliberalism, and the most unequeal country in the world (List of countries by income equality), with unemployment above 25% and a huge poverty rate (for black people). It’s sad to tell it, but it’s the true: he got political freedom for South Africa, but renounced or couldn’t get economic welfare.

And that, his failure in economic field, is the reason why Mandela was accepted by Western world, and not demonised like Chavez or Fidel, or overthrown like Allende, or murdered like Arafat. Western rulers can allow political freedom, only if wild free market and privileges for the elite are guaranted.

Mandela and Arafat
Yassir Arafat and Nelson Mandela, 1990

Therefore, if Mandela had not accepted the “recommendations” of World Bank and International Monetary Fund, all would have been very different, and we wouldn’t hear all what we are hearing about him these days. If he had not adhered to neoliberalism, far away from his ideology and program, he would have been considered a communist terrorist.


This is the real Nelson Mandela and not the Walt Disney version that media and hypocrites like Obama, Clinton, Bush, Cameron, Rajoy, Sarkozy, Netanyahu, have been claiming these days. They want the monopoly of violence, and want victims turning the other cheek; so, they modify the image of Mandela to adjust it to their archetype.

At least, the leader of Israeli apartheid decided not to attend the memorial because the trip would be too expensive. Others of the rulers who are fighting against all what Mandela struggled for during the most part of his life, were in the memorial at South Africa, turning a funeral in a deplorable show. They shoud have followed Netanyahu’s example and have made up some stupid pretext.


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