Spain sucks (30.000€)

I must say it now, that we can say it yet (I think): Spain is a twit (30.000€). Because soon, according to a new law that the protofascist government here is preparing, affronts to Spain will be punished with a 30.000 euros fine. They (the government) name it Public Safety Law, rest of people name it Gag Law or Law Anti 15-M (15M Movement)

Gag Law, picture by Greg McMullen
Gag Law by Greg McMullenCreative Commons

More fines in the Law Anti 15-M: Civil disobedience, like a sit-in, 30.000 euros. Preventing an eviction (200 each day in Spain), 30.000 euros. Disrespect authorities, 1.000 euros; for example, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is a maggot (1.000€; he will not undertstand this, because Mariano doesn’t speak English, but maybe has got some translator).

And the star fine, to punish unauthorized demonstrations with a 600.000 euros fine. Yes, 600.000. I would ask two questions: 1) how many people in Spain can pay a fine like that? and 2) do that people take part in demontrations? There aren’t demonstrations to demand a reduction in price of luxury yatchs or jets for private use, at least for now.

European Commissioners are usually very discreet, but the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muiznieks, couldn’t be silent, he has said that the Gag Law is “highly problematic” and has asked for someone to explain how a 600.000 euros fine can be considered proportional (thinknews). But ‘Human Rights’ sounds too much radical and leftist for our ultraconservative government. I guess that Mr. Muiznieks will be fined for his words, if he dares to come to Spain, maybe with 800.000 million euros, for example.

Anyway, Mr. Muiznieks and more people criticising this law have got that our prefascist ministers reconsider the 600.000 euros fine… or maybe they reconsidered it when they sobered. Prominent members of this political party have been seen drunk from time to time, for example the ex-Prime Minister José Mª Aznar.

The subtitle of this blog that you can read above, “in a place of the world whose name I do not wish to recall”, has been taken from Don Quixote, obviously, but not by chance. It’s because I’m ashamed of being Spanish, and would choose to be stateless if that were possible. Why should I be proud of being Spanish? Because Spanish football team won the last World Championship? Or because weather is good here? Perhaps because our King is skilled killing elephants? That aren’t good reasons for me. On the other side, there are hundreds of reasons to be ashamed of this country; to be ruled by a bunch of Franco supporters is one of them.

Therefore, as I haven’t enough money to pay fines to the members of this Francoist government, I have to insult Spain now, before that the Gag Law comes into force. Spain is stupid (30.000€). It’s a risk even to write or to say this now, because Spanish rulers like to do laws with retroactive effect. That doesn’t happen in normal countries, but Spain isn’t a normal country. Anyway, I’ll run the risk. Spain is a hick (30.000€)

Spain sucks
(unauthourized demonstration and three affronts to Spain = 690.000€)

Total fine for this post = 811.000€


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