Next World’s End

Year 2013 is ending, therefore is a good moment to know if world’s end is going to happen next 2014, once more. All of us remind the December 21 2012, the date of one of the last end of the world, although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the world did not end that day. But before, there were thousands of world’s end, a few of them are listed here: December 22 and still here

All roads lead here, and this is where all worlds end
World’s End by PhotoGrahamCreative Commons

Indeed, there are some predictions for apocalyptic world’s end in 2014. Let’s see them.

February 22: Vikings threaten us

Vikings predicted this. Really they didn’t tell an exact date, unfortunately, but “experts” had managed to calculate the date, and it is February 22 2014. On this day, the god Odin will be killed by a wolf named Fenrir and that is a bad thing, therefore the world will end.

Battle of the Doomed Gods
Kampf der untergehenden Götter by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, 1882 – Wikimedia Commons

Previously there should be several signs of the end: three freezing winters with no summers in between (I remember a summer a few months ago, but maybe I’m wrong), last winter will be extremely cold -“winter of winters”-, all morality would dissapear and fights would break out all over the world (this is right, but it isn’t new).

Finally, when Godin is killed, the apocalypsis: earthquakes, sea rearing up, wolfs devouring sun and moon, poison staining soil and sky, and other unpleasant events.

Source: Will the world end in 100 days?

But if this prediction fails and we are here on February 23 yet, don’t worry, there are more World’s End for 2014.


Some day in 2014: Leo prophecy

Pope Leo IX
Leo Wikimedia Commons

This is a prediction of the Pope Leo IX. It seems that he didn’t provided many details, just these words: “I will not see the end of the world, nor will you my brethren, for its time is long in the future, 500 years hence.”

He did this revelation in 1514, so, if my calculator isn’t wrong, the end of the world will happen on 2014. Sadly he didn’t say which day, he could have been a bit more precise.

Source: The End of the World


Some day on 2014: Ice Ace coming

This is a prediction for a new ice age that should start on 2014, made by a Russian astrophysicist, Хабибулло Исмаилович Абдусаматов (Khabibullo Abdussamatov). He didn’t talk about an End of the World (he isn’t a prophet but a scientific) but a sharp drop in temperature, starting in 2014 and reaching its peak in 2055. But this is enough to let a lot of World’s End lovers to predict an apocalypsis in this next year.

Ice Age in Alaska
Ice Age in Alaska by Shubhika BharathwajCreative Commons

What it’s worrying is that this prediction is dangerously compatible with the first one we saw: Godin being killed after the winter of winters. And today it’s cold here.

Source: New Ice Age to Begin in 2014


Surely there are more World’s End for 2014. For example, our old friend Nostradamus; I’m sure that some hundreds of experts in Nostradamus have found a few or a lot of apocalyptic prophecies for 2014 in his illegible texts. People find what they are looking for, and Nostadamus writings are so cryptic and vague, that anyone can find whatever they wish.

Anyway, two or three times ending the world is enough for this year. Let’s continue in 2015 with new World’s Ends.


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