Images and Imagery

I met Safar Fiertze as an avatar in a virtual world, time ago. The attentive reader should have noticed that there is a section in this blog, Roleplay School, with a guide that Safar donated when both used to do roleplay in that virtual world (we were accomplices in crime, as she said sometime). Also a post, The Stalker, that I wrote in 2012 from two pictures she did.

Sam and Safar by Safar Fiertze
Sam and Safar – by Safar Fiertze

At the moment being, I spend much less time in the virtual world, and Safar even much less than me. But recently I’ve known another of her facets (she is a woman of many facets): the photography, Safar is an excellent photographer. I, as a casual amateur, can’t do magnificent photos, but can recognize some of them when they are in front of me. And there are a lot in her galleries.

Here are the links. A must for anyone who likes photography.



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