In God I don’t trust

A few weeks ago a pair of mathematicians revealing that they had got to prove the existence of God using the Godel’s theorem and some mathematical equations (Maths prove the existence of God, Hallelujah!). At the first moment it could sound absurd, but at the second moment it’s absurd, ridiculous and laughable (in my opinion, although I don’t want to be too hard).

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Today, I want to bring here another mathematician, Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970), obviously miles over the couple mentioned above. He was also a philosopher, logician, historian and social critic. And I bring him here because Bertrand Russell gave a talk about the religious matter on March 6, 1927, Why I Am Not a Christian, and later it was published in a book, Why I Am Not a Christian And Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects.

young Bertrand Russell
young Bertrand Russell – author: unknown

This is a great essay, written with his usual wisdom and logic, and at the same time entertaining and easy to read. Bertrand Russell never is boring. He begins defining what a Christian is, and then he continues considering the logical arguments for the existence of God, and refute them one by one with a scrupulous logic: the first-cause argument, the natural-law argument, the argument from design, the moral argument…

In this link is the whole text: Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell
Or it can be listened in youtube:

A very recommended reading, if you aren’t a religious fanatic, but in that case you shouldn’t be reading this blog neither. In that case, perhaps you would prefer this weird video, Bertrand Russell: The Most Evil Man of the 20th Century. Recommended for Christian fundamentalists and Fox News fans.


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