Homicide attempt with cakes


On October 27, 2011, a group of Spanish and French activists threw three cakes against Yolanda Barcina, regional president of Navarra, Spain. It happened in Toulouse, France. Here is the video:

This is a way of protest that has been used a lot of times around the world, and usually authors are fined. For example, 40 cents for the man who threw a cake on Bill Gates, or 801 euros for the man who did the same on the French ex-minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement.

In this case of the Spanish regional president, it was a protest against the building of a high-speed railway (TAV in Spanish), because of the serious ecological impact that the building will cause. As it happened in France, French Justice investigated the case, interrogated some involved people, and closed it, not even imposing a fine. The French judge didn’t find any misdemeanor.

But this is a good chance to look at the differences between France and Spain. France is a democratic country, at least for the standard parameters, a state governed by the rule of law. Spain isn’t. And the victim of these three cakes is a Spanish authority, someone to whom citizens should fear. So, in Spain a trial against the Spanish participants will happen tomorrow, Monday, and the regime wants to set an example, a good lesson for dissidents. The public prosecutor demands five years of prison for each one of the four accused activists, while Barcina’s advocate demands six years for three of them and nine years for the other. Unprecedented in the world.

Yolanda BarcinaIt is a bit silly to say it, because it’s obvious, but someone can hesitate when so many years of prison are demanded: her Excellency Barcina suffered no injury, although she said that it was painful because the meringue was very hard. I’m not kidding, she told that to the judge. Also, she told him that her jacket was damaged. Again, I’m not kidding.

Nine years of prison for throwing a cake on a face, staining a jacket. Because it must be considered a violent attempt against an authority, prosecutors say… and it’s the same to use a cake or a stone, it seems (by the way, it’s a dangerous message: non violent protests are punished in the same way than violent protests, therefore…). At least, they didn’t dare to ask for the extradition of the French activists, and fortunately for them, Spain hasn’t drones at the moment being.

We’ll see the result of this trial. We’ll see how far this corrupt regime is willing to go, to discipline its vassals.

Mugitu! AHT Gelditzeko



One thought on “Homicide attempt with cakes

  1. Confirmed, Spain isn't a state governed by the rule of law.

    Three activists have been sentenced to 2 YEARS OF PRISON. The fourth, who didn't throw any cake, has been sentenced to 1 YEAR OF PRISON because he was near and lifted his arms encouraging the action (yes, you have read well)

    The sentence has been appealed, but at this point is silly to trust in Spanish Justice.


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