La Belle Verte: someone comes from a distant planet

La Belle Verte (English, The Green Beautiful) is a 1996 French film, written and directed by Coline Serreau. She is a French actress, film director and writer, whose biggest commercial success was Trois hommes et un couffin (Mr. Spock directed later an English copy, Three men and a baby). This one, La Belle Verte, is relatively unknown, and surely rare, compared with the films we are used to watch.

La Belle Verte
La Belle Verte

The film’s protagonist is Mila, an alien woman from a green beautiful planet. She is sent to another planet to make a check of developments there; this is an unpleasant, contaminated, violent, dangerous planet that no one else wants to visit: Earth.

I use to read some reviews about the films, before to watch them. About this film, I found people claiming it is a masterpiece, a cult movie, and in the other side (minority, just one), other people say it’s naive and silly.

In my opinion, maybe it’s excessive to label it as a masterpiece. But anyway, for those who don’t measure the quality of a movie by the spectacularity of its special effects, La Belle Verte is beautiful, agreeable, a movie that makes you feel better since you start watching it, and you’ll find a smile in your face when it ends. And it’s nicely naive, indeed, because it shows what our planet could be but isn’t. I highly recommend this movie.

Click on ‘Read more’ to watch La Belle Verte.

French with English subtitles:



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