Take your trash to the bank

Continuing with the efforts to overcome the economic crisis through measures that result in the impoverishment of 99% of the population (and therefore the enrichment of the 1%), a great part of the trash collectors in Madrid, Spain, is going to be fired (1.143 workers), and the rest will be lowered their salaries (-43%). Not very happy with that plans, the trash collectors have started an open-ended strike. 

If Madrid was a dirty city before, imagine how it must be now, and how it will be in the next days or weeks, nobody knows how much time will last this strike.

Fortunately, a campaign has started, to mitigate the effects of the strike: taking the trash in the most suitable places, at the doors of banks. TuBasuraAlBanco (Your Trash To The Bank)

trash at the door of a bank

#6NTuBasuraAlBanco in Twitter

Because we are poor, but clean.


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